DESTINED TO DREAM - by Cate Williams

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Blurb written by Em Hazeldean.

What’s that dream that you have in your heart? You know the one. I know that as you read those words, it crossed your mind like a whisper.

Maybe it’s the dream you’ve been working apprehensively towards. Or that one that you are terrified of even acknowledging to yourself. Or maybe you’ve shared it, haltingly and nervously with a very close friend, but you wouldn’t dare tell anyone else because what if you can’t? What if it’s too big? What if you fail?

I believe, that we’re all shaped on purpose, with purpose, for a purpose. It’s like a blueprint of who we are.

This blueprint is a combination of the gifts, talents and the unique expression that makes you you.

As the years go by, we lose sight of the blueprint, unless we are surrounded by people who call it out of us, or are intentional about pursuing it.

Cate is passionate about women pursuing their dreams, and this book is your very own handbook to set you on track. It’s like having a cheerleader in your pocket—she’s asking you the hard questions, and motivating you to take those first steps, or write down the plan, or gather the squad who are going to propel you.

As I read, I found my self-talk changing. I was no longer asking myself, “Who am I to dream so audaciously?” I began asking myself, “Who am I not to?”

Destined to Dream is encouraging, inspiring and practical. You have to do the work, but Cate is there to help you every step of the way.



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